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They will be able to help you to store jewellery, coins, cash and much more…


My purses

Solid and spacious, my small purses will welcome jewelry, sounding and stumbling coins and other small precious things safely. Icing on the apple pie, they have a loop to hang on your belt.

My macrame jewelry

Elegant and almost wear-resistant, my macramé necklaces and bracelets are essential to enhance your look. Beware of highwaymen who could be tempted by the beauty of their gemstones!

My waist bags

My festival belts and other waist bags are designed to go to the greatest number of you. Thanks to their thigh-side zip compartment, you can safely store your essentials. To you festivals, walks and unicorn hunting hands free!

My cuffs

Chic and shock accessory, my armbands and small cuffs are a Must-Have for any amateur of LARP or cosplay. Enough to make your fiercest enemies drool with envy.

My shoulder bags

Freely inspired by traditional forms, my bags are available in unique or tailor-made pieces according to your desires. All on a background of recycled jeans or solid canvas for a unique look.

Sulfur's journeys

3 – Fluid like stone

Leaving the reassuring woods, his instinct led him to the edge of a large river. It seemed so deep that it was impossible to discern the bottom and its water was strangely reddish.

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2 - Blood Red

Sulfur still did not know who he really was, nor what the reason for his presence on this earth was. But he didn't have the time to think about it further because a strange sensation was then felt.

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1 - The awaking

The forest, once so calm that it was called the Sleeping Forest, was now singing on all sides. From the rustling of tree leaves to the waving of blades of grass, they all announced the same thing...

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All about Sulfur

Sulfur is a small brand born on a beautiful winter day in the North of France. 

Shocked by the practices of the fashion world as a whole, I have given myself the watchwords of values that represent me and to work only with partners who share them:

Equity/ Eco-responsibility/ Respect for the Planet

Fortunately, my universe isn’t just about that, even though that’s my spearhead. Want to know more?

You’re telling me...

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À peine arrivée, j'en suis déjà amoureuse. Que ce soit la couture, les motifs, la fermeture : le rendu final est incroyable !
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I ordered this coin purse as a gift, it arrived on time. It is exactly as the seller describes it and looks like the photos. I am very happy with it and highly recommend this shop!!!
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Extraordinaire . C’est un bijou de création. La qualité est plus que au RDV, je suis conquise !
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Very very nice item. Seller was kind enough to send me a message when I placed my second order, asking if everything was okay with my first order. Fact was that my mother also liked the pouch so much that I gave the first one to her and ordered another one for myself. It's good quality and very well made.
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Superbe produit magnifiquement bien fait 😊
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It is so beautiful! I'm a cosplayer and I needed this for a specific costume. I couldn't expect better, the quality is amazing and the result is very elegant, I'll definitely come back here without hesitation to buy more.